In August 2018 Inka (Sensation vom Tespelkooi of Valleyrise) gave birth to 4 beautiful puppies, 3 girls and one boy, the dad was Okto (Chriskooiks Octavious at Genetika).  Poor Inka was pregnant during the hottest heatwave we have had in decades, and the puppies were given suitable ‘hot’ holding names. The girls were Chilli, Sizzle and Scorcher. The litter came a few days early, and that was really obvious with the little male Tabasco. Tabasco summed him up nicely, at under half the hoped for birth weight he was tiny, but mighty! (He has since grown to be a very healthy and correctly sized male.)

Top left Tabasco, top right Chilli, bottom left Scorcher, bottom right Sizzle
Tiny, but mighty! Tabasco uses his sisters as a ladder to get to the milk bar

Inka really was a world class mum to the puppies, and I could not have asked for more of her. She loved her puppies from the first second, and absolutely delighted in playing with them as soon as they were able. Libby took on the Grandma role, and always had an eye on them and made sure that they were clean.

Left to right, Sizzle, Scorcher, Chilli and Tabasco.

All too soon the puppies were 8 weeks old and it was time to leave for their new homes. Chilli was first to go. She is now known as Indi (Valleyrise Intrepid) and is definitely living up to her name! She is living with a really lovely couple, and has even caused minor havoc on a filmset or two. Sizzle was next to leave, she is now known as Summer (Valleyrise Inspiration) and she has two boys of her very own to keep her busy and occupied, when she’s not turning heads on the school run. Last to leave was my little man Tabasco, he is now called Digby (Valleyrise Invictus) and lives in Wales with a couple well known to me, and the rest of the UK Kooiker family. Digby is currently acing both show and agility training, and is pretty much well on his path to world domination. Little Scorcher stayed here with me and her mum. I have renamed her Pepper (Valleyrise Illustration) and she is pretty much smashing anything I ask her to do, she really does have beauty and brains. My puppies could not be in better homes, I have made wonderful new friends, and dragged some back into the Kooiker world, and love the regular updates. The pup’s adventures will be captured on the News Page.