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The Valleyrise Kennel was established by my Grandma Mollie Yates, who at the time was breeding Great Danes.  The Valleyrise affix comes from the walk my Grandma and Mum used to take their dogs on.  Grandma strove to base her kennel on the best, Dicarl and Oldmannor Danes could be found amongst the homebred Valleyrise.

As time came to pass Grandma and Grandpa started to look for a smaller breed that they could continue to exhibit to a high standard, those Danes move rather fast you know.  They searched and a few Standard Smooth Dacshunds moved in, but the breed wasn’t quite right.  Eventually they stumbled upon what they were looking for whilst judging in Europe, the Kooikerhondje.

It took dedication and multiple visits, but eventually the all the effort paid off and in 1986 they imported two Kooikers into the country. They were brother and sister Iskander Baron V H Liesveld of Valleyrise and Ingetge Vrouwe V H Liesveld of Valleyrise. Shortly after a second brother sister pair were brought into the country in the shape of Musky and Ulaysa. Over the next few years carefully selected unrelated dogs and bitches joined the Valleyrise pack.  From these first dogs, the breed in the UK today was born.

At 18 I took on the Valleyrise affix, although a little unsure of what my Grandparents would make of it being associated with the young, gangly, bouncy Cavalier that had just moved in.  I was assured by both family and the great and good of the Dane world, that as long as it was a dog and having fun with me in the ring they would be delighted no matter what the breed.  (If there would have ever been any ruffled feathers, I hope Libby has made up for it!)