(Valanroy Inspiration x Valanroy Felicitation)
16/11/2000 – 12/7/2012
Fliss was one of those dogs that was just a delight to own.  My quiet, gentle shadow who was full of personality.  Fliss had an unassuming authority that other dogs just seemed to accept.  Without any outward sign of dominance she could walk up to even the grumpiest of Kooikers and muscle in on their treats without consequence- then again, maybe they just couldn’t believe her cheek!  Never one to be left at home Fliss came to cheer on Libby at shows after her own show career was over, and became a firm part of the UK Kooiker show team.

She had a nickname of Fizzy, as in her younger days you never knew when she would suddenly have an explosion of energy like a bottle of pop bursting open and suddenly be 3 fields ahead of you!  She was my proper gundog, constantly hunting, albeit never with any success (it’s hard when your ears cover your eyes when you run!), and would work a lake like an eedenkooi through instinct.  Life wasn’t plain sailing for Fliss, pyometra hit at the same time as chronic heart failure when she was just 6 years old.  By will power alone Fliss overcame the massive odds stacked against her and passed away at the respectable old age (for a Cavalier) of 11.5.
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