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At home Hennie is remembered as the good dog.  In fact I can only remember her ever being told off on two occasions.  First when she refused to sit on a chair to pose for a photo, Hennie was not normally allowed on furniture at home.  Second when she decided to open her Christmas present early during the night of Christmas Eve.  That year she had received a pack of 100 chews which she happily shared with the cats, unfortunately all 3 animals were all rather promptly unwell after they had dusted them off.  To her credit she did only open her present.  If you ask me I’m not sure she even deserved the telling off on those two occasions!

Hennie loved children, and when everyone at home was grown up she often used to sneak up to the children’s playground when on walks across the field.  She also loved our cats and most days would sit opposite our talkative cat and they would chat about how their days had been.  Hennie was my handling dog, we seemed to enter any ring along with the catchphrase ‘She’s not a table breed!’.
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