Gerry came to me in the way many of Grandma’s puppies were ‘placed’.  On my 6th birthday I was presented with a cardboard box containing a tiny, fluffy, 8 week old Gerry.  I squealed in delight and hugged my treasured pup, Grandma turned round to Mum and said ‘I got Claire a puppy’!  I wasn’t giving him up, he came home with us.  Grandma had a way of making people realise that the thing that they had always wanted was a Kooiker, they just didn’t know it!  Mum got her payback, Gerry would often win Best Import awards beating the dogs Grandma was showing.  Gerry was bred in Holland and born in quarantine in the UK, and so at the time was one of the very few Kooikers that could enter England at 8 weeks, rather than 14 months.